Five of the most fashionable handbags according to Vogue: which one to choose for the autumn season?

top 5 handbags

While the idea of ​​starting to pack all your summer handbags back is a bit depressing, new fashion trends are already making the transition to this fall season much more appealing.

As noted on the most famous podiums in New York and Paris, the handbags created in the fall will be noticeably more playful. The most fashionable handbags delivered for the new season will be extremely large or completely small, with original shapes and patterns. You also won’t “ask” for classic handbags, which will definitely remain one of the most popular this year. How to choose the right style details: there are limits to everything. Before you start preparing for autumn, take a look at the main trends you need to know to keep up with the pace of fashion change.

Leather Handbags

TOP 5 handbags

  1. Cosiness
    You will be able to grab soft handbags this season. Traditional haircuts, faux fur, soft fabrics and fuzzy textures have taken over many famous fashion home handbags. From soft and cosy accessories to colourful, hairy tote bags that are essential for warm and stylish autumn.
  2. Hand constructions
    Structured, rigid-shaped handbags continue to hit the pinnacle of popularity. Bags of geometric shapes or those with curved and round handles are fashionable this year. It will suit all the eye-catching and stand-out ones that are too special to just be worn over the shoulder.
  3. Imitation reptile skin
    Bring your image to life with luxurious, animal skin imitation. This trend has also come from the podiums of New York and Paris. The inspired snakeskin handbag will be as fashionable as the standard blind black. All options are available for the best results, both eco or genuine leather and artificial leather.
  4. Oversize Tote
    Good news for those who are rebelling about small hand tendencies. Huge handbags and bags are back this fall. From the Proenza Schouler to the Giambattista Valli, oversized bags have returned to the forefront. In the words of Fabolous, “Just throw everything in the basket.”
  5. Chain reaction
    Chains and straps are extremely fashionable again. J. W. Anderson changed the image on the catwalk and included handbags with large, gold-chain imitation straps that gained tremendous popularity. However, the owners of classic handbags with straps will also be no less fashionable this fall. Even if your heart hasn’t started beating when you see at least one of these models, choosing the classic options will always keep what matters most – uniqueness and personal style.