The Growing Importance of Sustainable Fashion

In the age of sustainability, you can make a difference by buying clothes made of sustainable materials. For instance, there are some brands that produce clothing from recycled fibers.

Fibers are more environmentally friendly and often recycled and repurposed materials. For example, you can buy a dress made from organic cotton, which uses less water and doesn’t use harmful pesticides. You can also shop for clothes that are up cycled or made from deadstock materials, which are used but don’t get worn out.

With recycled fibers, they do not use pesticides or other chemicals. Even better, most organic fabrics are biodegradable. And the latest eco-friendly alternatives are incredible, including TENCEL ™ fiber, which is made from sustainable wood pulp.

As you shop, consider the impact of what you’re wearing. Ask yourself if it’s worth creating a new piece and try to find a way to give it away instead of selling it.

The biggest goal of sustainable fashion is to have short lifecycles. As well as low impact to the environment. Other larger issues that sustainable fashion can contribute to are poverty, inequality, and environmental degradation.

If more brands continue to practice sustainability and contribute to their environmental responsibility, the fashion industry can come together to achieve global equality within this sector.