Personalised Cups: The Perfect Gift Guide

Personalised cups are the perfect gift to give someone special for any occasion or reason. The beauty of a personalised gift is that you can make it completely unique and suited to the recipient. A mug/cup is a simple yet thoughtful gift to give, especially for a tea or coffee drinker. Here are some occasions where you may gift personalised cups:


Nothing says ‘personalised’ quite like a birthday! When it comes to someone’s special day, it is all about them. So, why not add to the celebration by purchasing them a cup that has been specifically designed just for them? This could be a very simple personalisation such as their initial or age or birth date or you could make it extra special by designing it to suit their style, personality traits, hobbies or interests.


Buying for people you love during the festive season can be stressful, and not to mention, expensive. For a thoughtful but cost-effective gift, a personalised cup is the way to go. You could make this Christmas themed so that it can be specifically used for holiday season or again, tailor it to the recipient’s taste. A personalised Christmas mug is the perfect gift for someone you care about.

‘New Home’ Gift

Finding a housewarming gift can be difficult and can often be expensive. Nothing says settling into your new home like enjoying a cuppa on your new sofa. If you know someone who is moving home, consider getting them a cup for them to enjoy which could include a simple ‘New Home’ message with the move-in date. This can be kept as a sentimental gift too and no doubt will be greatly appreciated.


Often colleagues meet and bond in the staff kitchen over offering cups of tea and coffee. For some reason, it is the standard Briton offering. Whether it be a colleague’s birthday, secret Santa, resignation or retirement, why not gift them a personalised mug? It can be a fitting gift, especially if they are regular tea or coffee drinkers in the office. A simple yet caring gift to show how much you care.

A ’Thank You’

Nothing shows appreciation more than a thank you gift. ‘Thank you’ gifts do not need to be extravagant and expensive; they can be small and thoughtful as a way of showing your gratitude. Pick a design you think your recipient will enjoy and add your own personalised thank you message on the mug. This is an easy, budget-friendly and simple way of saying thanks. Words can be remembered more when they are engraved, than said.  


Personalised cups are a great way of showing someone special that you care. Whatever the occasion, you can personalise your gift to suit any situation as well as any person. Taking the time to design or add a message to a tea or coffee cup makes it all the more special for the person receiving it. Shop online today to find the perfect cup.