Facts About Oral Health and Private Dentists Glasgow

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Going to the dentist isn’t exactly a thing that people like to do. But many forget just how important it is to get bi-annually dental check-ups. This article will give you an insight into some of the current facts of oral health in the UK, as well as why you should switch and consider private dentists in Glasgow.

private dentists glasgow

74% of British Adults Have Had a Tooth Removed

This equates to more than 60 million adults. This may be good for the dental industry but the number is far too high.

27% of People Only Visit the Dentist When They Have a Problem

This is a major factor as to why so many adults have had to have teeth removed. More than half of the people in the UK admit that they wish they’d taken better care of their teeth. The first step is to ensure you are brushing twice a day and flossing, the second is to visit your dentist twice a year for a check-up. Early detection and prevention is normally far simpler (and cheaper) than cure.

Most private dentists in Glasgow will give anxious patients a sedative to help them relax, so there’s really no excuse to not go to the dentist.

Only Half of the Population Are Happy with Their Smile

A study done by the British Dental Health Foundation discovered that crooked teeth were one of the main reasons that people disliked their teeth and their smile. With a third of people identifying a person’s smile as the most important when it came to attractiveness.

1/10 Would Cut Oral Health Products Out Due to Finances

Oral hygiene products are pretty cheap, you can pick up a tube of toothpaste for £1 and a toothbrush for even less. You don’t need state of the art electric toothbrushes and £7 tubes of toothpaste to maintain good oral health.

A Third of Children Are Starting School with Noticeable Tooth Decay

This is a worrying number of children and if something isn’t done about it then the number will likely continue to rise. It’s estimated that a quarter of a million children have already developed tooth decay.

‘Healthy’ Alternatives Are Not Always Healthy

One of the reasons as to why so many children (and adults) are developing problems such as tooth decay; could be down to the products they consume. Some products which mark themselves as ‘healthy’ – such as fruit juice – have actually been found to contain more sugar than the same size can of sprite. This is extremely damaging to your teeth and made even worse by the fact that many people are unaware of it.

What to Look for When Choosing Between Private Dentists in Glasgow

The NHS does a good job for what they have to work with. But if you want a comprehensive range of treatment options, with state of the art equipment and less waiting time, then you should consider switching to one of the private dentists in Glasgow. When switching dentist, you should look out for the following;

  • Online reviews
  • Willingness to offer a consultation
  • Cleanliness of the clinic
  • Friendliness/helpfulness of the staff