Largest Workforces: The Biggest Employers Across The World

Largest Workforces

In order for most of us to live, we need a job. There are so many different industries, companies and

roles out there that it is very rare that you’ll meet two people with the same exact job. However,

there are some organisations that are so large that they employ most of our population. Here’s a list

of the eight largest workforces across the globe:

8. United Kingdom National Health Service

Britain’s National Health Service (better known as the NHS), is the oldest and largest healthcare

service on the planet. It currently employs around 1.3 million people, despite being in a country with

only 65 million in it. That number is also excluding the temporary and free-lance staff that work for

them, bringing the number closer to around 1.6 million.

7. Indian Railways

Indian trains are probably some of the most famous in the world. Their prompt schedules and

overcrowded carriages are known far and wide. Owned by the state government, they currently

have around 1.4 million employees. Operating throughout the large country of India, they have the

responsibility of transporting over 8 billion people every year.

6. Indian Armed Forces

This includes the army, navy and air force of the country. They currently have the same amount of

staff on their books as Indian Railways – at 1.4 million. However, the armed forces also have around

1.2 million people waiting in reserve that they can call upon. India spends a lot of money on its

defences, with it being the largest importer of defence equipment back in 2014.

Largest Workforces

5. McDonald’s

The famous fast-food restaurant is the world’s fifth biggest employer and the world’s second-largest

private employer. If you include all the many franchises that the company has around the world,

they currently employ around 1.5 million people. The workforce is spread out as well, with the

business operating in over 100 countries.

4. China Natural Petroleum Corporation

The China Natural Petroleum Corporation has a lockdown on the industry in the country. Due to the

large nature of the country, it is only natural that their state-owned energy companies employ so

many people. The figure currently sits at around 1.5 million, with refineries across the world

(including Azerbaijan and Canada).

Largest Workforces

3. Walmart

Walmart is the largest private employer in the world. The retail chain employs 2.3 million people.

Most of these are in the United States but there are some in different countries across the globe.

Not only do they employ one of the largest workforces on earth, they are also the most profitable.

Posting annual turnovers at $480 billion.



2. People’s Liberation Army

China’s armed forces (Ground Force, Navy, Air Force, Rocket Force and Strategic Support Force)

make up the second largest employer in the world. Officially they employ 2.35 million active members, and

have around this number waiting in reserve to be called up. The organisation has become even more

modernised in recent years and is constantly growing.

1. United States Department of Defence

The organisation that employs the most people in the world is the United States Department of

Defence. Currently, there are 2.87 million men and women employed by the government-owned

organisation. This isn’t surprising either, with over $543 billion spent by the country on defence in

2016 alone.