Is Body Art The Jewellery Of The 21st Century?

Body art and tattoos are becoming increasingly accepted and more commonplace across the western world. There are a number of different reasons and contributors as to why this is the case. In this article we will delve further into this area in order to establish why body art and tattoos have become so popular in recent years.

Tattoos In Modern Society

Tattoos were once seen as a taboo in modern society. One of the main reasons why this was the case is becuase tattoos were often associated with criminals and criminal gangs. In addition to this there is also roots to tattoos within combat with many ancient tribes from across the world sporting tattoos and patterns to set them apart from other people.

One of the main reasons why there has been a negative stigma attached to tattoos in many different areas is due to public perception of them. In the past society in the west has been very dismissive of tattoos as they are thought to look unprofessional or undesireable. However as different trends and cultures have made their way across the world , tattoos have evolved with them to become engrained in many subcultures as well as the mainstream.

How Have Attitudes Changed?

Like tattoos , other forms of body art such as piercings and body modifications were also often frowned upon. However as time has moved on we have seen the emergence of subcultures and mainstream values changing so that attitudes are moving away from these practices being seen as negative.

One of the major landmarks in attitudes changing has been legislation which has been introduced in many parts of the world. New legislation such as the equality act ensures that tattoos and other body modifications do not lead to unfair discrimination in the workplace or alternatively during the recruitment process.

Changes such as this has meant that far more younger as well as older people are choosing to have tattoos or body modifications. This is because as a global society this kind of symbolism and art is gradually becoming more widely accepted.

Ongoing Challenges

However , alongside this progressive change comes a range of different other issues which need to be appropriately concerned in the near future. One of the main ongoing challenges facing those with tattoos and piercings is the coorporate and business world.

Corporate and business industries are amongst some of the last industries insisting that piercings and tattoos are covered. Of course , in certain circumstance this is justified such as hygiene reasons. However , many people are being unfairly criticised and stigmatised as a result of the way they choose to express themselves in these industries.

Therefore , more action and education is needed in order to help change policies and attitudes within these industries and also in order to promote positive overall change. This can be done through talks with employers as well as industry leaders about the impact that change can have as well as holding increasing equality and diversity workshops in the near future and for years to come.