Health And Lifestyle | Why You Should Take A Holiday This Year


Many of us working in the UK are bonafide workaholics. We don’t take all of our holiday entitlement, we answer work emails well outside working hours and are generally affected by work-related stress during most of our waking hours. Due to the perpetual stress of living and breathing our work, we need to take our holidays.

It is so important for our families and for ourselves that we holiday regularly, whether it is time off to just stay at home, or whether it is around the world trip. There are so many benefits to taking holidays that we just had to list some of them for you. Hopefully, you’re convinced to jet off immediately.

Your Happiness

The first and foremost is that holidays will improve your happiness. Being away from work and in a new place, trying new things is exciting and enjoyable. You can sleep all day and laze around in the sunshine. This will lead to your being more relaxed and content.

It gives you the chance to visit people you haven’t seen in a while or take the kids to that theme park they’ve been dying to see.


Your Relationships

Spending time with the people you love is the best part about taking a holiday. Whether it’s taking time off to spend more time with the kids, or flying over to Australia to see your extended family, holidays are the perfect time to rekindle relationships and strengthen bonds.

Make sure you put the out-of-office on and put your phone down, and you will find you have so much time to spare to enjoy with your family and friends. They will appreciate it too.

Your Productivity

It has been shown that employees coming back from a holiday are more productive and energised as they have had time to relax. This will lead them to them getting stuck into tasks that they were maybe worried about before, and going at new projects with renewed vigour.

It gives you the chance to look at things from a different perspective when returning to work. When in work, we stare at the screen and get frustrated that we can’t see the next step. Taking a holiday gives us the chance to step back and return to the screen with a new outlook.


Health Benefits

If you aren’t convinced yet, then you should also know that holidays are in general very good for your health. With your mental health having a chance to relax and not think about stress, you will have a happier mindset.

On top of that, a moderate amount of sun exposure can improve your health also. The Vitamin D promotes bone health and supports the immune system, both of which may be affected by sitting in the office all day.