Hand Forklift | The Evolution Of The Humble Hand Forklift

Hand Forklift

The hand forklift is an irrevocable part of the industrial sector throughout time. Also known as a pallet truck and a pump truck, the hand forklift is exceptionally good at its designed purpose.

We have curated some of the key points of information surrounding hand forklifts. Today we learned how they were created, how each type varies, and how hand forklifts are used today.

The Birth Of The Hand Forklift

The Hand Forklift was first created in the early 1900s, however at this stage they had not adopted the ‘fork’-like lifting platform that is recognised today.

The forklift was pushed to become what it is today by both the First and the Second World Wars. Less man available for heavy labour meant more reliance on machinery. Productivity was vastly improved following the Second World War in terms of industry.

Hand Forklift

After the wars the forklift had begun to resemble the modern-day machine.

By the 1950s, both the manual and the powered forklifts had reached what they are today.

Nowadays, sales of forklifts can reach up to $30 billion each year.

Variations Of The Hand Forklift

The hand forklift has developed so much that it has come to be known by many different names. These include numerous variations. A list of some of them includes:

  • Pallet Pump
  • Pallet Jack
  • Pallet truck
  • Lift truck
  • Pump truck

Although most manual hand forklift now have a manual hydraulic pump in order to lift the load weights, many have a manual pump.

Uses of Hand Forklifts Today

Hand forklifts are most commonly used in warehouse environment. They are the perfect piece of equipment for lifting pallets or stacked loads. This is because they have so many benefits in industrial workplaces.

Hand Forklift

Benefits of a Hand Forklift

The many benefits of a hand forklift include:

  • Better for workplaces who do not have the room or budget for a powered forklift
  • Easy to operate
  • Little to no noise is made
  • Safer for workers as no manual heavy lifting
  • Next to no maintenance required

The benefits stated show that there are many reasons why hand forklifts are so popular.

Where To Find Quality Hand Forklifts

If you are investing in a manual forklift then LLM Handling has a great selection to choose from. You can choose the right one for your desired task. They lift carrying degrees of load weight. Some forklifts will be manually powered, and some will have hydraulic boosters. Do a bit of research before you settle on your chosen hand forklift.