Edinburgh Nightlife: A Guide to A Great Night Out

What Makes Edinburgh Nightlife So Great?

If you want to experience Scottish nightlife, Edinburgh is a must. With more pubs per square mile than any other city in the UK, it’s easy to find the perfect pint or a creative cocktail.

Edinburgh is notorious for its quirky streets, luxury hotels, Scottish culture and its incredible night life. With the booming atmosphere throughout the streets of Edinburgh, you can find a wide variety of bars and nightclubs. There are buzzing spots catering to every age group.

If you want to party until dawn, Edinburgh nightlife is worth being a part of. Some are open until the wee hours, and others stay open until the early hours of the morning. A variety of genres can be found at the city’s bars and clubs. There’s jazz, electronic, and rock, as well as punk and electronic. For those who enjoy dancing, there are plenty of options for you.

Where Exactly Is the Edinburgh Nightlife?

There are two different parts of Edinburgh where you can kick off the night. First is Edinburgh Old Town which is home to the popular Royal Mile. The Old Town district is famous for its busy bars, pubs and nightclubs which has unforgettable atmosphere the whole night through. The Royal Mile is a must for a first time Edinburgh nightlife experience!

The other part of Edinburgh nightlife is New Town. This area is a fantastic option to start the party before you dive into the busy crowds of the night. New Town is home to numerous underground pubs and cocktail bars to cater to everyone. Despite this being a great option before heading to the club, there is the odd booming place that already has the party started so that you can have the choice of both.

Is Edinburgh an Ideal Night Out for Students?

With Old Town being a short distance from The University of Edinburgh, the student lifestyle is full of atmosphere. With a number of clubs being favoured by Edinburgh students, you can rest assured that this city’s student spots are perfect for a night of drinking cheap drinks, eating good food and meeting new people. Here is a list of some of the cheaper bars ideal for a booze on a budget:

  • Banshee Labyrinth
  • Boozy Cow
  • Bar Salsa
  • The Tron


Edinburgh is the place to be for a great night out, no matter what your ideal night would be. From pubs to bars to clubs, Edinburgh has it all. The Edinburgh nightlife is an experience everyone should have at least once. Despite its luxurious locations and sophisticated bar spots, there is always a cheaper alternative to a budgeted night out. Where you choose Old Town or New Town, there is a spot for everyone to enjoy and be a part of the nightlife vibe. So, if you haven’t already, get yourself to Edinburgh and let the Scots show you how to have a great night out.