Botox Clinic Glasgow: Wrinkle Reduction Information

Botox Clinic Glasgow

Dr Darren Mckeown is the premier Botox Clinic Glasgow has to offer. Dr Darren and his team have a whole host of different surgical and non-surgical procedures available (ranging from lip fillers to laser hair removal). One of their most popular services is wrinkle reduction. This is done by injecting a toxin called Botulinum into a certain area. It works by blocking signals travelling from nerves to the muscles, which in turn prevents these muscles from contracting.

The main area for wrinkle reduction in the face. Facial expression muscles are put into two broad groups: the ones that lift the face up and ones that pull the face down. The goal of wrinkle reduction and the Botulinum toxin is to weaken those muscles that pull the face down, enhancing the effects of the ones that pull the face up. Let’s have a look at some information on the areas that can be treated:

·        Frown Lines

This is one of the most commonly treated areas when it comes to wrinkle reduction. Frowning uses a lot of muscles that pull the face down and can lead to obvious wrinkling. Luckily this treatment can be doubly effective. The same muscles that we use to frown also depress our brows. Meaning treating this area simultaneously will reduce wrinkles appearing on the frown lines while also lifting the brow. This makes eyes look awake and open, giving you that youthful look.

Botox Clinic Glasgow

·        Forehead

The forehead is another of the most commonly treated areas using the Botulinum toxin. While it is a popular area for treatment, it is also important that only a small section is treated. There needs to be enough muscle movement left in the area so that our brows can be supported. If there is a significant amount of excess skin in this area then it may be better to leave it untreated.

·        Crow’s Feet

This Botox Clinic Glasgow treatment is most effective for women in their thirties or forties. This is because once we hit our fifties, the muscles around the eye tend to become hyper-expressive. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot continue with treatment in the area. There are two options – either increase the amount of toxin used or combine it with a filler. The filler option will leave the treatment looking more natural and will last longer.

·        Botox Clinic Glasgow: Mouth Corners

Mouth corners are controlled by the DAO muscle. This muscle stretches from the corners of our mouth down towards the jawline. By using the Botulinum toxin and relaxing it, results will be that the corners of the mouth have a more elevated, youthful look. This procedure is better suited to younger patients as it can be difficult to achieve.

Botox Clinic Glasgow

·        Neck

The neck is another area that is better suited to younger patients – and especially those with thinner necks – as it difficult to achieve results. When the procedure does work is helps relax thick bands in the area and well as relieving the negative pull on the lower face and neck.

There are many areas in which wrinkle reduction can achieve successful results, for more information contact Dr Darren Mckeown’s surgery.