4 Signs That Your Job May Be Affecting Your Mental Health

It Is Constantly On Your Mind

It is important to switch off from your job when the working day ends and especially at the weekend. This is key to a healthy work/life balance. If you find that you are consistently thinking or worrying about your job or perhaps develop anxiety about the following day before it happens, this is a huge sign that your work is affecting your mental health.

You should always ensure you are taking time to focus on life outside of work and if this is a continuous issue, it could be worth talking to your employer, taking some time off or ultimately finding a new job.

You Can’t Think Of Anything Positive Regarding Work

It is rare to like every part of a job. Some people love their job but dislike certain responsibilities or parts of their day; this is completely normal. However, if you feel you can not think of anything you like about your work life and are constantly focusing and talking about the parts you dislike, this take a serious toll on your mental state and can multiply itself into depression and anxiety.

You Don’t Have Any Energy (Always Tired)

Getting up early and out of bed in the morning can seem like a huge task when you are going somewhere every day that you hate. When you hate your job, it is not uncommon to continuously feel tired and unmotivated. This is regardless of how early you go to bed or how much of a great sleep you get.

You Don’t Have Any Desire To Perform Well

If you find yourself suffering from decreased motivation, procrastination and lack of participation, this will hugely impact your performance. If you can recognise this and see evidence of your poor work performance, but have no desire to change or improve it, this is a sign it may be time to look for another place of work. This can also lead to being demoted or fired if your performance is not on par with company expectations.