10 Fashion and Beauty Tips To Try Now

We’ve all spent hours trying out new beauty techniques and fashion trends that are recommended by friends, family and influencers. But what tips work for you? A lot of the time it is trial and error with trying out new beauty and fashion trends. However, we have specific beauty and fashion tips that are adaptable to suit all.

Avoid the crease in eyeshadow

Ever spent hours putting all your effort into your make up to have your eyeshadow start to crease and smudge due to grease? There’s always setting spray or the hack version of hairspray to try and keep your make up looking good for longer. However, Urban Decay’s Primer Potion is one of the best primers on the market to help avoid this. Just apply the primer to your makeup and voila! Your makeup is ready all day and night.

Ditch the Yellow

We’ve all tried out the newest home hair dye kit and most of us have had a disaster at some point or other. With darker tones, you can get away with a slight mishap but for blonde hair, there is always the dreaded risk of your hair turning out a wonderfully bright, brassy yellow. For a cost-efficient fix that is highly recommended by most hairdressers is L’Oreal Professionnel Silver Shampoo. Try using it once a week as a hair mask from 15 minutes to an hour for a beautiful silver tone.


Fix the Outfit to your Shape

Don’t be put off by that dress or top that may not fit perfectly around your waist or bust. You can easily adapt your outfit to suit your shape. Wrap dresses are very much in fashion right now and if you’re worried about fixing it your shape then bring out the safety pins! One of the best solutions for any fashion fix up.

Beauty Essential

Dry Shampoo. Every girl must have a can of this in their collection. It will save you on those days you are running late and can’t wash your hair, festival trips and even a quick freshen up before heading out. Dry shampoo is the ideal solution!


Pain-Free Heels

There are some people who can easily rock the stiletto heels without crying in pain but for most it’s a one night in a blue moon style. Luckily there are midi heels which offer that extra bit of height without the agony of actual high heels.

Natural waves

Using heat tools such as hair straighteners, curlers and hairdryers can damager you hair. There is a way to get those natural curls without damaging your hair. Before you go to bed, section off your hair and pop them into tight braids and leave them in whilst your sleep. In the morning undo the braids, scrunch them with your hands and apply a light mist of hairspray.